Wizarding World   

New Brand for the Magic World 

Identity for the magical universe inspired by the vision of J.K. Rowling, bringing together the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises as one global umbrella brand.
The Wizarding World identity takes the form of a book whose fanned-open pages are actually nine wands belonging to iconic characters from the two franchises. The idea of the book captures the universe's literary origins, while also suggesting radiating light and optimism.Along with the wands, the typography in the logo brings together the graphic languages from each franchise and elements emblematic of the characters, including Harry Potter's iconic lightning bolt and beastly attributes of magical creatures. This extends to the a custom typeface called Harry Beast, that is used in promotional materials for the brand. It includes a standard version, and "beastly" alternates for each letter.

Client: Warner Brothers & J.K. Rowling  
Agency: Pentagram NY
Role: Design

Creative Direction: Emily Oberman
Design: Matt Varner, Laura Berglund, Tim Cohan

Logo Animation: Elastic
Editorial & Sound Design: Jax
Typeface created in collaboration with Jeremy Mickel

© Matt Varner