Snoop Dogg Pounds Packaging 

Packaging for Snoop Dogg’s premium line of water pipes.

The packaging was designed to feel elevated and confident in it's spareness, visually relating to Snoop’s line of marijuana products, Leafs By Snoop. This packaging was developed to help reinvent the head shop and dorm room water pipe aesthetic, moving it into a more welcoming, clean visual language while still remaining true to the brand’s roots. Throughout the design process, considering the “unboxing” aspect was crucial, and informed placements of typographic surprise and use of color blocking. The back displays illustrated versions of the water pipes at actual size, and all boxes are accompanied by accordion-style “Flight Guides”.

Client: Snoop Dogg & Stampede Management
Agency: Pentagram
Role: Design

Creative Direction: Emily Oberman
Design: Matt Varner, Laura Bergland
Project Management: Anna Meixler
Naming: Snoop Dogg
Photography: Arturo Olmos

© Matt Varner