Film Independent Spirit Awards

Branding & Collateral 

The Film Independent Spirit Awards celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2020 with graphics that combined the glitz and shine of the awards with the grit and energy of independent film. An underlying goal over the years has been to elevate the look and feel of the Spirit Awards to bring them in line with other awards shows––but in a way that feels true to their indie, offbeat roots. The metallic letterforms evoke the gleam and glow of awards shows, but avoid gold to instead use the Film Independent brand color palette reinterpreted in richer, jewel-like tones. The approach has depth like the previous year’s light-filled projections, but in a more material way, and feels more modern.

Client: Film Indepdent Spirit Awards  
Agency: Pentagram NY
Role: Design

Creative Direction: Emily Oberman
Design: Matt Varner, Laura Berglund, Jase Hueser, Shira Inbar  
Animator: Shria Inbar, Jase Hueser

© Matt Varner