Interiors Awards  

Awards Show Design 

Presented by Contract Magazine, the Annual Interiors Awards are the “Oscars” of commercial interior architecture and design, honoring winners in 15 project categories in the field, as well as the Designer of the Year and Design Legend awards.The sequences use simple design elements—line and color—to create dynamic animations that introduce each winner in their respective category. The graphics help set the tone and establish a cohesive framework for the experience of the ceremony in a way that pays tribute to the winning works. Each sequence isolates a specific structural detail of its winning design to form a graphic pattern––sometimes abstract, sometimes illustrative––that gradually reveals the winning design and segues into a photographic montage.
Client: Contract Magazine
Agency: Pentagram
Role: Design

Creative Direction: Emily Oberman
Design: Matt Varner, Todd Goldstein, Mira Khandpur
Project Management: Anna Meixler 
Justin Lawes, animator
Stephen Roll, editor
Jacob Rosati, composer



© Matt Varner